Say Hallelujah!

An Entire Year of Happy Endings!

Everyone knows that you are doing everything you can to motivate your staff.

But is your well of inspiration running dry? Do your nightly brainstorms at the pub leave you with nothing but a hangover? (yeah, we feel you)

Then say Hallelujah! Together, we will paint a permanent smile on your staff members’ faces by offering them small, fun activities and surprise events.

How we do that? **drum roll** Meet the Happiness Hero Plan! A program, recommended by experts, that will keep your staff hyper-motivated for an entire year.

Micro Events

They blow you away

While your business is running, we'll take care of a "miracle break". Choose your micro event (or choose two), and we'll take care of the rest! From assembly to dismantling, and everything in between. Your job? Just sit back and enjoy.

Think out of the box!

Micro events 'in a box'

Do you need a motivation boost for your staff, pronto? We hear ya. We deliver all materials, explain to you how it works and then collect everything again after a couple of days.

Say Hallelujah!

They saw the light.

"Hit the track, the ideal surprise for our staff."

Mark B. // Garage Boone

“Chief Kristof going off the road, what a laugh!”

Hannes D. // Hannibal Advertising