A Entire Year of Happy Endings!

Smiling faces. That’s the reward when you unleash Hallelujah!’s Happiness Hero Plan onto your staff or colleagues.

For an entire year, we will be organizing small activities and surprise events with one goal: putting a smile on your staff members’ faces. Our activities will leave your people hyper-motivated to go back to work!

Every little bit helps. A smile, a joke, a nice compliment, a small group activity… Not pretention management, but retention management!

Happiness is all around. You have to see it to believe it. Just fill out the form below and we’ll tell you all about it.

Laughing is good for you, but our Happiness Hero Plan is even better!

How does the plan work?

  • 6 times per year, we’ll send you a Happiness Hero Box
  • The box contains concepts, ideas, gadgets, tips… to help you set up activities for your staff yourself.
  • Give your selected staff members the Happiness Hero promotion. Then we’ll provide a short, but useful training on how to be the company hero.
  • Call the Hallelujah! Godline anytime, anywhere.

This concept

in your company?